"You have the honor of addressing a member of the Thalmor. Bask in it."

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Sometimes, Fenris doesn’t brood. (And usually it’s because of Hawke)

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you come into my house, you disrespect the thalmor,

"I now have a beautiful pixel rendering of myself in the sidebar of my blog… mm."


tbh all the thalmor are assholes
except ondolemar
wait no he’s still an ass but I still love him

"Thank you!"


i am evil and gay and i love to complain

and when i come back from my hiatus i’ll probably be working on this douche as well as whatsyourscanbemine

i won’t forget ond and logan of course


I’m putting all my blogs on a semi-hiatus until I figure out what’s going on with my life? I’m around on Skype. residentravenclaw, for anyone who wants to talk about sad old men with me.



baby anora tugging on daddy’s braids

little anora making daddy kiss her boo boos to heal them

a huge warrior in bulky armor kneeling down to kiss his little girl’s knee



you ever get the really hard urge to rp loghain mac tir i know i do

*stares at onodelemar* loghain

[breathes exceptionally hard]

you ever get the really hard urge to rp loghain mac tir i know i do