"You have the honor of addressing a member of the Thalmor. Bask in it."

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Dancing the Talos Out of Skyrim

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Skyrim Story 2/3: Ondolemar (Xtube)




The amount of people who wish to marry Ondolemar on this website makes me wonder how much of a catch he really is..

 And you know what, it’s true!

 For a Thalmor who is reported to be part of an ethnic scourge hellbent on presiding over all Tamriel as their unopposed lords, this golden-skinned, bearded beau is not what you’d expect.

 A little supercilious like all of his kin, yes, but once you’re his friend, he treats you well. Not as the hired help that did him a service, 'go on be off with you unless I need you again' but,

 ’I’ll follow you if you need help.’

 A Thalmor judiciar doing that. Pausing from his mission to help you out, the only Thalmor you can find to be your friend and not backstab you.

 He even talks diplomatically at the Meet and shows that he is willing to listen to reason, and not simply push his brethren’s agenda.

 Ondolemar, you need to stop being such an unmarriable perfect wife.

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hur hur

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stares a direction

mage-of-markarth replied to your post: ondolemalicious: so, here’s the quest…

*raises hand*

points at you

you, you’ve waited long enough you deserve the first try

so, here’s the question you’ve all been waiting for: who wants to fucken smut


person: what r u doin

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YOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :D *Hands over goodies* I don't know what you like, so just imagine I'm giving you some really good arrangement of deserts for me? >.>